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School Based Traineeships (SBT)

yourtown's partnership with Indigenous Australians is based on mutual respect, cultural awareness, recognition of self-determination and the investment of time.

What is it?

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships for Indigenous senior school students.

Who is it for?

Indigenous senior school students in 28 high schools in Southeast Queensland which have high populations of Indigenous students.

Working together for tomorrow’s Indigenous leaders

This program aims to inspire and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary school students to complete their education and make the transition to further education or work.

yourtown works with each student to develop a personalised Job Pathways Plan matched to individual needs, interests and aspirations. We help secure an apprenticeship or traineeship with a supportive employer and provide ongoing support from Indigenous Mentors. Together with the individual, their family, the school and the employer, we work to resolve problems if and when they arise.

yourtown works with each student to develop a personalised Job Pathways Plan.

In addition, participants receive:

  • Culturally appropriate personal and life skills
  • Learning support
  • Help determining next steps in further education or finding employment following completion of Year 12
  • Support after placement to ensure retention.

"I'm lucky because I'm able to relate to not just one thing with a client but nearly every single thing that anyone's every brought up... I've usually experienced something very similar."

yourtown Indigenous Mentor

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