A true sisterly act to inspire us all!

By: yourtown 06 Dec 2013 BoysTown, Blog
We couldn't let another day pass without sharing this inspiring act of kindness by a Training Solutions Manager, Sue Boyle. We know it will inspire you as it has many of us!


Sue has been with BoysTown since 2006 and is based in our BoysTown Logan office. In a team meeting, discussing the day ahead, a staffer approached Sue with news of a young person (Emily) set to participate in a Sheraton Mirage work experience opportunity.  Unfortunately, Emily's shoe had been damaged on the way to BoysTown that day and were no longer safe to wear during the work experience.

Emily had to leave for the Gold Coast in a few minutes. Without hesitation or without thinking of herself, Sue offered the shoes she was wearing to help Emily.  As luck and fate would have it, they fit! Sue returned to finish her meeting barefoot and Emily went onto her work experience.

This is a perfect example of the selfless and generous spirit in BoysTown. Like a sister offering help to a sibling. When asked how she knew the shoes would fit she answered...
"It's a matter of faith." Sue Boyle, BoysTown.
It is passionate, committed and generous staff like Sue who make a real difference in young people’s lives. We are very thankful to Sue for her inspiring act of generosity.

Let us know what you think of Sue’s kindness in the comments below.

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