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Kids Helpline @ School receives major Bupa funding boost

10 Nov 2023

Today, Kids Helpline @ School receives a significant boost as the Bupa Foundation, the principal partner of Kids Helpline, steps forward with $300,000 of funding for the new high school program along with additional financial support for the primary school program, following increasing demand.

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Mental health a major issue for young people

09 Oct 2023

This World Mental Health Day, 10 October, we are highlighting that mental health is a major issue and concern for young people across the country. 

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Rising trend of teenage boys exposed to ‘Sextortion’ threats

02 Feb 2023

In the lead up to Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, 7 February, Kids Helpline is highlighting the concerning trend of overseas criminal syndicates preying on Australian children, particularly teenage boys, by extorting money from them after deceiving them to send sexually explicit images over instant messaging platforms.

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Kids Helpline says positive mental health and wellbeing should be a priority in primary schools in 2023

23 Jan 2023

Schools are encouraged to tap into the free Kids Helpline @ School program supported by Bupa Foundation

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Kids Helpline Annual Insights Report records a 109% increase in emergency cases in 2021

08 Jul 2022

New statistics by Kids Helpline highlight the escalating need for mental health support for children and young people in Australia 

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yourtown welcomes new funding boost to long-term unemployed young people

08 Jul 2022

yourtown welcomes new funding of more than $1.5 million for training, work preparation and paid work experience for young people

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Steering young men toward mental health support

15 Oct 2021

Latest data reveals young males have the lowest rates of seeking professional help from Kids Helpline with numbers across all age cohorts falling way behind young women.

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Kids Helpline welcomes the Federal Government’s new strategy for mental health early intervention

15 Oct 2021

We know that more serious mental health concerns can be averted before they escalate with early intervention.

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Concerns relating to suicide in teens higher during COVID-19

09 Sep 2021

The number of children and young people presenting to Kids Helpline with varying levels of mental, emotional and psychological anguish continues to increase in 2021.

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Increase in children as young as 5 contacting Kids Helpline

04 Aug 2021

Data from a Kids Helpline six monthly report identifies a 200% increase in counselling contacts from 5-year-olds over the first six months of 2021.

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