Annual Overviews

Each year yourtown prepares a series of publications highlighting achievements, examining how young people seek our help, and identifying and quantifying current and emerging issues impacting quality of life.

2016 Annual Report

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Parentline Insights 20 Years

Published: 2016

Parentline has been strengthening parents and families for 20 years, assisting hundreds of thousands of parents and carers since 1996. This report provides valuable insights into issues affecting families over the last 20 years.

Parentline Insights 2015

Published: 2016

This annual publication is an overview of the key issues that parents, carers and family members sought help or support for through telephone, email and web counselling in 2015. It details the diversity of Parentline contacts, their main concerns and the nature of those concerns. It also talks about our counselling service and other work we do in the community.

Kids Helpline Insights 2015

Published: 2016

Our annual publication provides valuable insights into the issues impacting the lives of children and young people. It highlights how they contact us, help-seeking and counselling trends and our work with others to address national issues like youth self-harm, suicide, mental health and online safety.

Parentline 2014 Annual Outcomes Archive

In 2014, yourtown reported on client satisfaction with the Parentline service. The annual survey also focused on effectiveness of the service and how it assists parents with a number of factors. yourtown is committed to ensuring that all services meet client needs and are evidence-based in their practice.


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