Give hope to families affected by domestic and family violence

“The Refuge helped protect me and helped me protect my children."

Karen came to our Domestic and Family Violence Refuge with her five children, aged three to 13.

Her husband became abusive soon after the birth of their first child. The violence escalated throughout their relationship. Years of regular abuse had a severe long-term impact on the family.

The family escaped from her abusive husband and sought help from yourtown’s Domestic and Family Violence Refuge, where the children felt safe for the first time in their life.

They received intensive, wrap-around support over their 12 week stay and were resettled into safe housing, feeling more hopeful for a future without violence.

yourtown’s Domestic and Family Violence Refuge provides secure short-term accommodation and intensive support for around 70 families escaping violence in the home each year. We provide a place of physical and emotional safety while addressing all the issues experienced by the families.

This Easter, can you help us to continue this vital service? Please give hope to families experiencing domestic and family violence.

* Name and image changed for privacy reasons

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