Christmas Wishes Appeal

Your donation helps Kids Helpline to keep kids safe

“Kids Helpline saved my life”

Emily contacted Kids Helpline when she was 16, seeking help for self-harm and suicidal feelings.

Over the next seven years, she regularly called Kids Helpline.

The counsellors supported Emily when she was in a “dark place” and then over time helped her build resilience and develop coping strategies.

Emily says that “Kids Helpline saved my life… Talking with KHL gave me strength. All those phone calls and all those times I reached out to Kids Helpline have played a really positive and significant role in my life.”

Every day, thousands of kids in Australia struggle with issues related to mental health. It’s even more alarming that suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 14 to 25.

That’s why Kids Helpline is so vital - our free 24/7 counselling service is there to support and protect kids.

Our wish is for children to be safer this Christmas. Help us make that wish come true…

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