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Child protection gets a boost with cyberbullying consultant appointment

10 Feb 2020

Queensland State Government funding has enabled the appointment of a full-time cyberbullying consultant and will enhance state-wide online information services to Parentline, a service of yourtown.

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Kids Helpline and Optus shine a spotlight on making the internet a safer and more responsible place for young people on Safer Internet Day

10 Feb 2020

Safer Internet Day, celebrated globally on February 11 across 150 countries, aims to raise awareness around the importance of working together to create a better internet.

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Children starting school - here are a few tips from Kids Helpline

12 Jan 2020

yourtown Chief Executive Officer Tracy Adams, says “Kids Helpline recommend parents show children love, acceptance, encouragement and support during this time of transition and change."

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Thousands turning to Kids Helpline for Christmas coping

17 Dec 2019

While the Christmas festive season usually brings joy and family camaraderie, for many people the festive season can also be a time of increased stress, overwhelming pressure, or loneliness. The Christmas ideal simply doesn’t stack up for everyone,.

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Your own Christmas miracle

03 Dec 2019

Interiors have been designed by ‘The Block’ judge Darren Palmer who’s brought luxury beachfront living to a new level.
“This is a spectacular apartment. From the art work to linen, I’ve perfected the finer details to make it worthy of this amazing view to truly make you feel like a millionaire,” said Darren.

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yourtown puts spotlight on children traumatised by domestic violence

27 Nov 2019

Children and young people who grow up in abusive homes often gravitate towards abusive relationships later in life.

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Christmas is a time of celebration, but it’s also a time for giving

27 Nov 2019

Often mothers and children come into the refuge and they have nothing. We are currently struggling with a lack of sleep attire, especially fresh new pyjamas at our Queensland-based women’s refuge which provides crisis housing to women and their children who have experienced domestic violence.

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Kids Helpline says that supporting students leaving school is important for their mental health and well-being

15 Nov 2019

Transitioning from high school can be a time of heightened risk for mental wellness.

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Kids Helpline launches new 'niggle' app

30 Oct 2019

Kids Helpline announces a new mobile app that makes mental health help more accessible and relevant for young people regardless of their location.

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Mental health major issue for young people

04 Oct 2019

Mental health issues and thoughts of suicide accounted for 59% of all contacts made last year by children and young people.

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