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yourtown puts spotlight on children traumatised by domestic violence

27 Nov 2019

Children and young people who grow up in abusive homes often gravitate towards abusive relationships later in life.

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Christmas is a time of celebration, but it’s also a time for giving

27 Nov 2019

Often mothers and children come into the refuge and they have nothing. We are currently struggling with a lack of sleep attire, especially fresh new pyjamas at our Queensland-based women’s refuge which provides crisis housing to women and their children who have experienced domestic violence.

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Kids Helpline says that supporting students leaving school is important for their mental health and well-being

15 Nov 2019

Transitioning from high school can be a time of heightened risk for mental wellness.

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Kids Helpline launches new 'niggle' app

30 Oct 2019

Kids Helpline announces a new mobile app that makes mental health help more accessible and relevant for young people regardless of their location.

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Mental health major issue for young people

04 Oct 2019

Mental health issues and thoughts of suicide accounted for 59% of all contacts made last year by children and young people.

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Mental health in the picture

09 Sep 2019

Mental health is under the spotlight in September with three awareness days this month.

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yourtown shines spotlight on teens' unsafe secrets

30 Aug 2019

yourtown and Kids Helpline are encouraging parents to start a conversation with young teens.

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Kids Helpline's Innovative New Campaign To Reach Young Males

20 Aug 2019

Kids Helpline is challenging the very nature of communicating with teenagers who may be experiencing mental health concerns by tapping into an innovative campaign...

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yourtown commits approx. $2M to meet growing demand to protect homeless teen mums

05 Aug 2019

For 36 years, yourtown’s San Miguel in Sydney has been providing not just temporary accommodation for parents and children but also counselling and guidance to help families tackle the issues creating homelessness.

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Kids Helpline draws attention to child safety around sexting

01 Aug 2019

Kids Helpline is greatly concerned about graphic images of school-aged girls being posted and traded on the internet.

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