Kids Helpline welcomes mental health support funding

By: echandra 30 Mar 2020 Media Releases

Kids Helpline welcomes mental health support funding 

Kids Helpline, a service of yourtown welcomes the Federal Government’s funding boost of $2 Million to help Kids Helpline deal with the rise in demand.

yourtown Chief Executive Officer Tracy Adams, commended Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt for his commitment to support mental health services and his investment in Kids Helpline.

“Kids Helpline has experienced a significant surge in contacts over the past month, a surge which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, as children and young people deal with the psychological effects of COVID-19,” said Ms Adams.

“Demand on Kids Helpline for the week ending 29th of March 2020 was higher than the same period last year. The 8,537 attempts to contact the service represent a 29% increase over the same dates in 2019 with 6,634 attempts to contact the service.

“Whilst we are not alarmed at this statistic, it does highlight the significance of the funding which will allow us to increase our resources, in turn providing the means to increase responsiveness.

“At a time when as a society we are focusing on social distancing, we must also work hard to maintain and enhance connectedness. We know that that kids are reaching out to us for all the right reasons, we can offer advice and support in respect of their concerns and anxiety at a time when society is literally shutting down around them, continued Ms Adams.

“Mental health is a national issue, the importance of a national service like Kids Helpline offering virtual counselling services anytime for any reason by phone, online web counselling or email cannot be underestimated. Kids Helpline has also developed resources to help support children and young people’s mental health during the coronavirus outbreak these are available on our website.Kids Helpline offers tools and techniques, which young people can readily engage in to help boost their psychological well-being,” Ms Adams said.

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“After 29 years and over 8 million contact attempts to Kids Helpline in that time, we continue to provide free 24/7 practical support where kids and young adults can access a professional counsellor who provides practical, case-by-case assistance,” Ms Adams concluded.

If young people want to talk to someone they can call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800, e-mail or web counselling Facebook: @kidshelpline, Insta @kidshelplineau, Twitter @KidsHelplineAU.


yourtown Corporate Communications & Media Advisor: Maree Reason-Cain

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