Awesome but overwhelming

By: yourtown 03 Oct 2014 Prize Homes

We have finally made a winner’s call to the Northern Territory and changed the life of a Darwin Mum.

People really do win!

Like all winners she was overwhelmed after learning she had won a $1.6 million BoysTown Prize Home package.

“I missed three calls from a Queensland number but didn't think anything of it. I was checking my emails and had one from BoysTown saying that the winner was K of Larrakeyah, my heart sunk and I went and found my ticket to make sure I had the winning number, I did. It was awesome but very overwhelming.”

“I bought the tickets after seeing on A Current Affair that one of the prizes was located in Melbourne. My daughter started university there this year so I thought it would be great to have somewhere to stay when I went to visit her. I was too late in purchasing for that draw so decided to purchase in the next one anyway."

I can now purchase my own home and help my girls through university. K of Larrakeyah

Don’t forget to buy your tickets now and it could be you who gets a life changing phone call (or email)!

You need hurry though because BoysTown Prize Home Draw #440 closes Wednesday 8 October 2014 and will be drawn on Friday 10 October 2014, at the Sunshine Coast prize home.

Check out WIN TV's visit to the property yesterday.

Tell us what you think? What would be the first thing you would do if you won?

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