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By: yourtown 30 Oct BoysTown, Blog
This blog has been created to provide you with an insight into BoysTown the organisation, the people and the issues that we believe strongly about and advocate for change on.  From today onwards we will share with you insights into our programs, stories of success and challenge all with the intent of making you feel engaged and proud of what is being achieved.

Wherever I go people seem to recognise BoysTown for our great prize homes, they are of course something we are very proud of and the tool which enables us to do so much in communities, right across Australia.  However the work itself seems to be something people are very unsure of, "how come we don't know about this" is often the response when I talk about our services and programs.  Have we kept it a secret?  I don’t think so, we would happily shout it from the roof tops, but clearly we need to do more to let people into our work.

Issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, early school disengagement, youth unemployment, behaviour issues, drug and alcohol abuse and misuse and concerns related to mental health and well-being are just some of the things children, young people and families turn to BoysTown for support on.  Each and every area of need we work in is worthy of being discussed in the public arena.  As are the many and varied outcomes achieved, and by outcomes I not only refer to the end result of the engagement with us, but rather the many small outcomes that lead to success.

After all, the courage shown by so many who turn to us should not be a 'secret'.

Tracy Adams

BoysTown CEO

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