2015 Kids Helpline insights report released!

By: yourtown 24 May 2016 Blog, Kids Helpline


The 2015 Kids Helpline Insight report suite has just been released, showcasing our extensive understanding of the issues affecting young people in Australia. These reports are a must-have reference source for media, researchers and policy makers.

Contained within the reports is a wealth of insights including analysis and exploration of how Kids Helpline (a service of yourtown, formerly BoysTown) is addressing youth protection and mental health.

Unparalleled connection with young people

In 2015, Kids Helpline responded to over 200,000 contacts from young people and had more than 720,000 unique visitors to their website. This level of engagement with our qualified counsellors and interaction with our self help material means we understand young people.  In both volume and depth, we understand their preferences, needs and the issues they are facing. We’re proud to be uniquely connected with young people and of the role insights play in keeping our programs suitable, accessible and effective.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for discussions on specific 2015 Kids Helpline Insights Report points (including infographics) in the coming week. 

Partnerships in protection

The annual Insights Report published by Kids Helpline is a great resource that amplifies the voices and experiences of Kids Helpline users. This year’s Report shows that in 2015 Kids Helpline received around 100 contacts a week about child abuse and family violence. These figures highlight the need to ensure that children’s safety and wellbeing must be a principal public policy priority for Australia. – Megan Mitchell, National Children’s Commissioner

Young people matter

A focus has been shown within the 2015 Kids Helpline Insights Report of our partnerships with protection agencies, the police and other referral services. It’s our understanding of young people (and these partnerships) that’s helped protect many children from abuse situations, suicide and/or being of harm to others.

The Kids Helpline partnership with Australian Government Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner has helped us protect and support young people impacted by cyberbullying. And our partnership with OPTUS continues to enable innovative support via the Kids Helpline @ School service, connecting with over 17,000 primary school aged children (in 2015).

The 2015 Kids Helpline Insights Report speaks of the issues and challenges of young people. We will continue to keep their needs a priority for Australia, advocating to ensure they are well represented and supported. Young people are our future and their protection, safety and wellbeing is vital. Young people matter.

You can help us…

Raise awareness for these reports and of the continuing importance of understanding and protecting young people. Share this post with your social network and distribute the 2015 Kids Helpline Insights Report amongst your colleagues and peers.

At yourtown we’re taking on the challenges young people face including Mental Health, Unemployment, Family and Domestic Violence. Donations are tax deductible and every dollar counts. With your help, we can continue to be part of the solution.  Make a donation today.

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