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By: yourtown 24 May 2017 Prize Homes, Winners Stories

At yourtown, it’s our mission to help people in need and to create brighter futures. It’s at the heart of everything we do on a daily basis and announcing our Christmas Prize Home winner was no different. This is Judy’s inspirational story but while you’re reading this ask yourself, what would your story be? How would winning a dream yourtown Prize Home change your life?

Judy went from housing commission to a multi-million dollar Gold Coast beachfront apartment all thanks to her lucky yourtown ticket.

A single mother of five and caring for her autistic son Tye and elderly mother, there aren’t too many more deserving winners than Judy.

During an interview with Tim Arvier from A Current Affair Judy said, “I never in my life thought I would ever win anything this lovely” and what a lovely Prize Home it is. With a total prize value of $3.26 Million, plus breathtaking ocean front views and designed by celebrity interior designer Darren Palmer, this yourtown Prize Home in Palm Beach is truly something special. You only need to imagine enjoying a morning coffee while taking in those breathtaking views or hosting your friends and family in the luxurious kitchen and dining area to appreciate just how life-changing winning a yourtown Prize Home really is.

What many people don’t realise is the home’s all yours from the moment you receive the winners’ call. Judy originally lived in the next suburb from the Palm Beach Prize Home so within just minutes of being told she was the lucky winner she had received the keys and was having a tour through her brand new home. Another thing that many people forget is that everything you see in the photos, videos or if you come to visit the home, is included! That’s right, the furniture, the top-of-the-line electrical and everything used to furnish the home (plus in Judy’s case a well-stocked Christmas tree complete with presents) is included! This means you literally can move into absolute luxury that very day, bringing only a suitcase of clothes with you.

When told everything used to fill this spectacular home was included, in typical selfless thinking, Judy told A Current Affair “I can give all my stuff to charity now, even though it came from there in the first place.”

So how has winning a yourtown Prize Home changed Judy’s life? One year on we caught up with Judy.

“I was absolutely blown away,” she says. “To have new furniture, for me, is something really exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything new and to have brand new furniture and beautiful big lounges, Darren Palmer did such an amazing job. He just made it look how it should look for this type of building, I think.”

Judy is now faced with the exciting question that many winners of a dream yourtown Prize Home face – what’s the next adventure? While she’s not sure what her future holds she knows that whatever comes next will be amazing. Ask yourself, what would winning a Prize Home mean for you? Living in a luxurious home with no mortgage? Would you choose to rent it out and enjoy weekly income for life? Or would you put it on the market and take the money and run? This life-changing choice really is all yours!

“I buy my tickets from yourtown because they do such an amazing job,” Judy says. “Even if you can only afford one ticket you’re helping a lot of people out and a lot of children. Then again, it’s going to help someone like me if they win…”

Have you got your tickets in to win just like Judy did? It could be you! Get your tickets today.

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