BoysTown celebrates its volunteers

By: yourtown 05 Dec 2014 BoysTown, Blog
Today is International Volunteer Day, a time to recognise the countless hours of service given by millions of volunteers the world over.


More than 100 generous and caring volunteers worked in projects across our services this year. Amazing people, who raised their hands to mentor young people, develop their literacy and numeracy skills, facilitate group activities and provide a friendly ear or (at times) a shoulder to cry on.

We are so grateful for the time and expertise given by each of these wonderful people. People like Joan Mitchell, a 77 year old with a truly generous spirit.

Joan has been a BoysTown Volunteer for over seven years. She has become a valued member of the team and helped more than 200 young people. Joan has provided mentoring and tutoring and assists with hospitality training.

“The privilege is mine. I thank my eldest daughter to this day for suggesting I answer an ad to become a BoysTown volunteer. This is one of the most positive things I’ve done in my life.”

“I’ve learnt a lot of life skills over the years. I’ve been married four times. I was widowed twice, the first at 31 with four small children.”
I use what I’ve learnt to help because it’s the goodness of people that can balance the ugliness in life. Joan Mitchell

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