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By: yourtown 12 May 2015 BoysTown, Blog
Everyone deserves the opportunity to contribute to their community. But many disadvantaged young people face significant barriers to a meaningful work and social life.


Identifying these barriers and helping young people break through them is where BoysTown makes a difference.

Young people like Samuel*.

“I grew up in a little town. I liked school, it's just that I got bullied a fair bit. And the way I retaliated - it was just bad. I got suspended a lot and nearly expelled, so I left. There wasn't much work in town so I did odd jobs. To be honest though I wasn't really thinking about work after school. I was basically really lazy. The trouble is you get bored and do stupid things.”

“I moved to Queensland and heard about BoysTown. They gave me experience doing paid work. When I started it was a bit of a shock and I was pretty nervous but the others on the crew were about my age and we got on like a house on fire. They give you training too, if you want it.”

“I didn't have much of work ethic before. BoysTown changed that. It's given me experience as well as getting me into new habits, waking up early and so on. In general, there's a big improvement. I used to have trouble keeping my temper. Not so much now. I'm making more money too.”
I know I can get a job off the skills I've got from BoysTown. I'd like to get a job soon so other people can have the opportunity like I've had. Samuel.
Last year we supported more than 9,500 job seekers just like Samuel to successfully transition to independent living, further education, training or work.

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*Name changed for privacy.

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