BoysTown's Christmas Spirit Shines

By: yourtown 16 Dec 2013 Blog, BoysTown

Creativity, energy and Christmas spirit were on display when BoysTown CEO Tracy Adams toured our South East Queensland sites to judge the Annual Christmas Decorating Competition.


Tracy was joined by her assistant Julie and daughter Alexandra on the whirlwind trip to check out the themed site decorations.

We shared laughs, talked about the year and enjoyed each other’s company, just like family. Tracy Adams

We have always been aware of the magnificent spirit of community we have here at BoysTown. Every single staffer, client, supporter and partner plays a role in making our organisation even more special.

We are ordinary people doing extraordinary work with children, families and young people and this competition gave our people the chance to show off many of the talents they don’t get to use every day.

So after being impressed by some truly talented and creative people Tracy had to choose a winner.

Best Overall Site - Browns Plains

Best Theme - "First Christmas" by the Indigenous program at Kingston

The team at East Brisbane even recorded their own Christmas Carol.

What is your favourite site? Let us know in the comments below.

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