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By: yourtown 28 Apr 2015 BoysTown, Blog
BoysTown delivers counselling, education, training, care and support to thousands of children, young people and families every week thanks to our passionate employees.


We thought you might be interested in finding out what makes them tick.

“As an Enterprise Trainer I enjoy the look of pride on our clients’ faces when they see what they have achieved and how they love to relate that to their family and friends.”

“In my past working life I built many things that will outlast me including houses, nursing homes, furniture and kitchens. At BoysTown I took great satisfaction in creating our workshop to help young people develop their skills. The workshop gives them a base to start and finish work on time and acquire a work ethic which will help them to find employment.”
The most satisfying thing, that will hopefully also outlast me, will be the values I have tried to instil in young people, like work ethic, working as a team and taking pride in what they have done.
BoysTown provides a range of services and programs with a wrap-around care approach that includes developing vocational, communication and other life skills, along with personal support. We never give up on young people.

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