Disadvantaged families experience Sydney Opera House

By: yourtown 03 Jul 2015 BoysTown, Parentline, Family & Community Services

On 27 June, families engaged with yourtown’s services in Sydney had the opportunity to tick off a ‘bucket list item’.


The world premiere of the new Australian production of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie was part of The Balnaves Foundation Open House Program at the Opera House on 27 June. The Program provides affordable $5 tickets to people facing barriers to accessing live performances due to social and financial disadvantage.

It was an amazing day for the families who attended the performance. One family; a mother, grandmother and three children, had never been to a show at the Opera House and being able to do that was a "tick off the bucket list". The children loved the show and all of them enjoyed experiencing the Opera House. There were also interactive games outside which went down a treat. It was a wonderful start to the school holidays.

My children loved the show and the experience of going to the Opera House. Thank you BoysTown and Sydney Opera House for this amazing opportunity. BoysTown client

BoysTown and Sydney Opera House are leveraging our long term relationship to ensure the three year Balnaves Foundation Open House Program has the broadest possible reach. There’ll be many more opportunities for disadvantaged families engaged with our services to experience arts and culture in such an iconic venue as the Program continues.

We’d love to hear from any other families who had the opportunity to attend the performance of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie on 27 June. Please leave us a comment!

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