yourtown Sydney South West


We’re here to help you get skills and find a job!


Get Back in the Game is an exciting intensive employment and training program for young people aged 15-21yrs.

At yourtown Sydney South West, we will offer training, workshops, individualised one-on-one support and more – all based around where you’re at and what you need. 
In our programs* we will work together to help you;

  • identify your short and/or long-term career goals  
  • team up with a Youth Worker with links to the community
  • develop your work skills
  • by providing practical support
  • with your job search or get you back into school
  • identify your strengths
  • find interview clothing
  • prepare for an interview
  • get your Driver's License

And so much more!

Open Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am -5pm
CLOSED Sat & Sun


Ground Floor, Shop 7
171-179 Queen St


0401 684 726 



**Please note there are two referral points within the program: 
Back in the Game assists young people (aged 15-19yrs) at school who need support to stay at school, or to transition to employment or training
Get in the Game assists young people (aged 15-21yrs) who have disengaged from employment, education, and training uses cookies to improve our service and website. For the best browsing experience please accept this cookie request. 

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