Flexible Learning Options & Early Childhood Development Program

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The FLO program helps young people at risk of early school leaving to remain in formal education or plan for a transition to work

The Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program is designed for students aged 14-17 identified as at high risk of leaving school early.

When young people are identified as being at high risk of leaving school early, our team works hard to understand the issues at hand and offer practical solutions leading to positive outcomes.

Services that young people in the FLO Program receive include:

  • Diagnostic testing to identify barriers to learning
  • Referrals to specialists to address personal, health and social concerns
  • Support completing an education program in line with the Australian Core Skills Framework
  • Assistance transitioning to the next phase of learning, either through formal education, further training or employment

The Early Childhood Development Program helps young parents in the Playford area of Northern Adelaide

The Early Childhood Development Program supports vulnerable preschool-aged children to make a successful transition to school and get a great start in life

We help young parents:

  • Learn how to support their child’s emotional, social and intellectual development
  • Get specialist support for their child
  • Learn how to help their child thrive at school
  • Learn new strategies and skills for positive parenting
  • Build stronger family relationships and support networks

For more information about FLO or our Early Childhood Development Program, or to get in contact with yourtown, fill out the contact form on this page or call us today.

Services offered at this location:


7 Philip Highway,
Elizabeth SA 5112


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