Enterprises & On-the-Job Training Program

yourtown Smithfield

On-the-job training that gives young people a supportive environment to develop workplace skills.

Social enterprises are a 'bridge' for young people to open employment through a period of paid work and training.

Qualified and experienced tradespeople help unemployed young people learn practical skills and appropriate workplace behaviours in a real work environment.

The yourtown Enterprises program in South Australia, delivers services for a wide range of private, public and community organisations. These businesses provide valuable services for organisations, and paid work and training for disadvantaged young people.

Enterprise employees receive coaching and support from supervisors and youth workers and can undertake accredited training. yourtown subsequently helps them to secure permanent employment in local industry and provides post-placement support for employer and employee to ensure retention.

For more information about our Enterprises program, or to get in contact with yourtown, fill out the contact form on this page or call us today.

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22 Palina Court,
Smithfield SA 5114


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