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By: yourtown 30 Apr 2015 BoysTown, Blog
The young people we work with come from tough backgrounds, it is not always an easy road but someone has to give them a chance.


Young people like Brandon*, who started in our VTEC program and then joined one of our social enterprises.

Brandon has a young child and was keen to find work and provide for his family. He showed great promise, but lacked confidence in himself. With time and experience in our crew his self-esteem grew and he started to shine. Brandon has become a leader who is known for his quality work. All his co-workers respect and admire him.
Brandon is now undertaking a carpentry apprenticeship with BoysTown. He has clear goals and feels positive about the future with his sights set on a career in the building industry.
Last year we supported more than 9,500 job seekers just like Brandon to successfully transition to independent living, further education, training or work.

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*Name changed for privacy.

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