Is anxiety crushing our kids?

By: yourtown 20 Apr 2016 yourtown Organisation News

More than 32,000 visits to our anxiety topics last year…


Last year, our Anxiety and Social Anxiety related website resources were visited more than 32,000 times. That’s a lot of teens and kids struggling with anxiety and a lot of parents concerned about their family.

Is anxiety crushing our kids? Anxiety can impact on the way children relate to life, learn at school and affect their body/rest. It can also result in behavioural changes that hold kids back from reaching their potential. Parents and family members can also be affected by mental health issues in the home.

Our Parentline service provides FREE education, guidance and support for parents and carers in QLD+NT. So we asked them…

What can a parent do to help kids manage anxiety?

  1. Encourage your kids to talk about their anxiety. Share with them the things that you (as a child) were anxious about and ask them what their biggest worry is. Sharing your experience and keeping the conversation calm will help them to remain calm about theirs.
  2. Teach your child to understand anxiety as part of life. Take some time to educate yourself about anxiety and its role in helping humans protect themselves and survive. By understanding and normalising the way anxiety affects our bodies; your child will better accept and respond to their own reactions.
  3. Help your child to recognise anxiety and find ways to manage it. Anxiety causes different experiences, triggers and responses in each child. Take the time to listen and let your child express their feelings.

While that sounds easy enough, it’s important not to rush into a conversation. The Parentline team suggested to not start a deep conversation when anxiety is already high.

Take the time to prepare yourself, research the impact of anxiety and make time available. Kids will ask the curly questions, be prepared and keep your cool.

These are great resources for parents wanting to understand anxiety:

These are great to share with your Teens (13+) and Kids (5-8):

For parents and carers in QLD + NT, contact Parentline on 1300 30 1300. If you’re in another state, check out this list of other Parentline support services for one near you.

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