It’s not an easy road

By: yourtown 10 Jun 2015 yourtown Organisation News

The young people we work with come from tough backgrounds, it is not always an easy road but someone has to give them a chance.


They face many issues which may include limited literacy and numeracy skills, mental health concerns, drug and alcohol use, abuse, financial problems and homelessness. We make a real difference by taking the time to work with young people step by step, addressing each individual challenge to help them create a new and positive future.

When Rachel* came to yourtown she had been on welfare payments for more than four years.

She had some major barriers to overcome and worked really hard to move past them. In the last two years she completed accredited training in Workplace Practices and Skills in Work and Training to get her job ready. Because of Rachel’s commitment and perseverance she has now found work at a major sporting venue.

At BoysTown we never give up on young people. We persevere and stand by young people like Rachel as they change their lives and achieve their dreams.

Last year we supported more than 9,500 job seekers through our employment, education and training programs.

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*Name changed for privacy.


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