It’s raining awards in South Australia

By: yourtown 09 Dec 2014 BoysTown, Blog
BoysTown clients continue to reap rewards in South Australia with two young men recently taking home Playford Alive Local Heroes Awards.


Joseph Petrizzi, 21 and Ian Storay, 23 have shared the Best Training and Employment Outcome Award, which recognises an individual who has successfully transitioned from training to employment in the last 12 months. Winners have worked above and beyond what is expected and have demonstrated exceptional learning and work attitude as well as showing initiative.

This is certainly true of both young men who were facing significant barriers to finding work when they came to BoysTown. Both had no stable accommodation and a long history of unemployment.

But with the support of our youth workers and employment consultants they have turned their lives around. At BoysTown they learnt what was expected in the workplace, in a supportive environment and developed the skills and the self-confidence required to make the leap into employment.

Joseph is now working at a timber packaging manufacturer and Ian makes steel frames.
These young men are an inspiration to anyone who has ever found themselves in a tough situation but refused to believe that they had reached the end of the road. Stephen Wales, BoysTown Regional Manager – SA
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