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By: yourtown 12 Dec 2013 Kids Helpline

Child helpline specialists from across the globe converged in Vietnam to discuss child protection. Kids Helpline was there and presented insights...

Kids Helpline speaks of the need for commitment, understanding and dialogue

Kids Helpline General Manager, Wendy Protheroe, was among the fifty representatives who gathered to focus on child protection. She shared insights from our unique and vital services.

It was an intense few days with a lot of colleagues committed to a safer world for children and young people and I've come back with an even stronger belief in the quality of the work that we undertake. Wendy Protheroe

Participation at this regional consultation is part of our ongoing commitment to the welfare and protection of children around the globe. In the last 10 years, >126 million contacts were made to Child Helplines (41 million of which were from within the Asia Pacific Region).

Kids Helpline specialists are often approached to provide consultative guidance to Helplines, be they existing or developing. Including, insights into:

  •  Counsellor and supervisor training methods
  •  Establishing operational process
  •  Developing IT systems
  •  Managing child protection protocols

We are proud to be at the forefront and strive to make the world safer for vulnerable children and young people. Participation at these events helps us to maintain a global perspective on issues effecting children and young people.

Kids Helpline provides telephone, email and web counselling for children and young people (aged 5-25). Over 5,500 contacts are made to the Kids Helpline service each week.

For more information visit Child Helpline International.

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