Kids Helpline talks about bullying

By: yourtown 14 Nov 2013 Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline’s Tony Fitzgerald featured on radio this morning talking about bullying.

Brisbane’s B105 Morning Crew Labby, Stav and Abby dedicated the final hour of their show this morning to bullying. This was a decision they made following the powerful 60 Minutes story about Chloe’s Law on Sunday night. They invited Kids Helpline's to join the conversation.

Bullying is a major issue and it impacts kids, young people and families. It happens in a variety of ways and can happen anywhere from school yards to backyards and social media.

Kids Helpline has awesome advice and resources for parents worried about school - related bullying and cyberbullying.

Let us know your thoughts about bullying. Are your kids facing it now? Please comment below.

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