Like a dream

By: yourtown 23 Oct 2014 Prize Homes, Winners Stories

The last winner’s call we made was a really special one. A 74 year old woman from Melbourne has hit the jackpot.

People really do win!

Our winner and her full-time carer son have already moved into the Melbourne apartment that was part of the $1.4 million BoysTown Prize Home package.

“I have raised four kids on my own and been paying rent all my life. Mostly in just adequate dwellings where everything goes wrong and nothing gets fixed.

“I have been a BoysTown supporter for over 45 years and when the brochure arrived on my son’s birthday I went for it. Mostly because it was in Melbourne and close to St Francis Church and I also noticed that the draw day was only one day before the anniversary of my mother’s passing five years ago. It had to mean something.”

I'm close to Jesus but lost faith for a time and then this happens. It is like a dream. I walked into the apartment and was ecstatic. D from Melbourne.

D is just one of the thousands of supporters over the years who have contributed to BoysTown but it was particularly thrilling to change the life of someone so deserving.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets now and it could be you who gets a life changing phone call!

BoysTown Prize Home Draw #441 closes Wednesday 12 November 2014 and will be drawn on Monday 17 November at the Gold Coast prize home.

News about winners and updates on home choices are hot topics on our Prize Homes Facebook page. Seeing that others are enjoying the win makes it real. It’s like seeing proof that it can be won.

Tell us what you think? What would be the first thing you would do if you won?

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