Inala young people racing towards brighter futures

By: yourtown 07 Mar 2016 Media Releases

What do a space frame chassis, wishbone suspension and motorsport have to do with Inala unemployed young people?

For 14 Inala teens, it’s the chance of a brighter future through a unique program where they learn the skills and knowledge to help build a fully functioning race car.

Ranging in age from 15–19 years, the young ‘race team’ complete a Certificate II in Engineering while building a full-sized single seat open cockpit sports car, based on a Le Mans Prototype (LMP).

On Wednesday (March 9) all their hard work will be on display when members of the Oz Clubbies Car Club visit to view the student’s handiwork, give them a chance to see other cars ‘built from scratch’ and maybe even a chance at hands-on driving experience.

yourtown CEO Tracy Adams said the program teaches young people valuable work skills but also has a significant affect on their confidence and willingness to learn.

“Many of the participants come directly from schools that are looking to support students who have disconnected with the education system,” Ms Adams said.

“This program offers young people the opportunity to learn many vital skills that will not just help them complete the course, but will give them the life skills to go onto future employment or further education.”
yourtown Youth Worker Mark Gollan works with the team of young people to advance their professional, personal and social growth.

“I have personally witnessed dramatic changes in the attitudes of the students and their lives,” he said.

“Students who complete programs like these develop a new sense of confidence and self-worth that carries on well beyond the classroom or workshop. I couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments.”

Greig Frankham is Managing Director of Formula Student, which provides the Racing Car workshop training at Mt Gravatt TAFE.

“We use a simulated workshop environment to develop work-ready skills with motorsport used as a driver for students to get involved,” Mr Frankham said.

“You could say we teach by stealth and our students are ‘racing to learn’!”

The program is the second intake of the yourtown Get Set for Work program Race Car project, with the latest starting on February 8.

Many of the young people enrolled come from diverse backgrounds and have previously disengaged from education for 12 months or more.

Get Set for Work aims to provide young people aged 15-19 years with nationally recognised training, combined with integrated learning support measures and foundation skills, enabling them to successfully transition to employment and/or further education and training.

This training is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government through its Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.


Interview/filming opportunities:
Students with Clubman Car Club members at 11am on Wednesday, March 9 at Formula Student, Mt Gravatt TAFE, 1030 Cavendish Rd, Mt Gravatt
Mark Gollan, yourtown Youth Worker
Tracy Adams, yourtown CEO (via phone)
Media Contacts:
Ernestine Lavalle, KDPR | (07) 3136 2555 | 0411 691 241 | [email protected]
Andrea Dickson, KDPR | (07) 3136 2555 | 0421 971 923 | [email protected]

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