Jacarandas are blooming and that equals exam stress

By: yourtown 13 Nov 2015 Media Releases

The Jacarandas are out and that means it’s that time of year when students are realising it’s time to knuckle down and study for end of year exams.

For many, this time of year can be a stressful one - but Kids Helpline says it’s important for students to understand it doesn’t need to be that tough.

Exam stress and learning how to survive these last few weeks of school is one of the most common reasons young people are contacting Kids Helpline. Kids Helpline General Manager Wendy Protheroe said exam stress coupled with transition to high school can make this time a particularly worrying one for some kids and young people. “We know every year we get an increase in calls to the service from young people who may be feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope,” Ms Protheroe said.

“It is important to remind them there are lots of things they can do to make this time a little easier and the first step is to simply be kinder to themselves.”

Kids Helpline today released tips to help deal with this time of year. (See below)

The charity, which last year received over 700,000 direct contacts from children and young people, wants to reinforce the message that there is help available with whatever issue may be worrying them. “Stress is subjective and varies from person to person but prolonged stress can lead to illness, both mental and physical,” Ms Protheroe said.

“Symptoms can vary from being slightly irritable to not being able to sleep or grinding your teeth. “One of the best things parents or carers can do if their child is experiencing exam stress is to try to be as supportive and tolerant as possible. “For students it can help to be prepared and most of all remember there will always be another day.”

Top Tips for Surviving Exam Stress:

  1. Be prepared with effective study and learning habits.
  2. Rest and eat well.
  3. Don’t worry about what others are saying or doing.
  4. Plan your study approach.
  5. Have some relaxation techniques to deal with panic attacks.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Turn off distractions / social media.
  8. Ask for help.
  9. Remember there will always be another day.

Kids Helpline is Australia’s only national 24/7 counselling and support service specifically for children and young people aged 5 to 25 years - www.kidshelp.com.au or free call 1800 55 1800.


Wendy Protheroe, General Manager Kids Helpline

Ernestine Lavalle, KDPR (07) 3136 2555 0411 691 241 [email protected]
Andrea Dickson, KDPR (07) 3136 2555 0421 971 923 [email protected]

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