My life has dramatically changed

By: yourtown 15 Dec 2014 BoysTown, Blog
Australia’s unemployment rate is the highest in 10 years, and it’s easy to understand how many young people might give up trying to find a job.


What happens to young people after they leave school or become disengaged from education is critical to their quality of life.

Last year 20 year old Kara* came to BoysTown with the dream of becoming a youth worker. With our help, she honed her skills, attended training and never stopped applying for jobs.

Her persistence and dedication has paid off and she is now employed as a Youth Work trainee with a community services organization.
I finally got my dream job, my life has dramatically changed. I’ve learnt self-control, and I now realise the strengths I have. I’m organised and I know I can do anything I put my mind to. Kara
BoysTown helped more than 9,000 job seekers last year look for work, change their lives and create brighter futures.

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*Name changed for privacy

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