New community garden a winner

By: yourtown 28 Nov 2014 BoysTown, Blog
A garden project in Western Sydney is brightening a community and helping disadvantaged young people gain work experience.


BoysTown partnered with St George Community Housing (SGCH) to build a community vegetable garden at 16 Housing NSW units in Parramatta. Our CEO Tracy Adams attended the official opening of the garden recently.

The project gave BoysTown clients experience in landscape construction, irrigation, shed construction, planting and general site works.

A space that was barely used is now transformed into a productive vegetable garden area and a peaceful retreat for residents to enjoy.

The SGCH linked up with BoysTown because we are able to work well with and understand the complex needs of social housing residents.
The residents were made to feel respected, important and included by BoysTown. They felt like they could trust all stakeholders involved in the project because of the professional working relationship and the way that all parties engaged with each other. Rowa Omari, SGCH
We will continue to work with the young people who have made such a difference in Parramatta to find further training opportunities or employment.

This program is one of the many ways we are helping job seekers to overcome the challenges of unemployment.

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