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By: yourtown 01 Jul 2015 BoysTown, Blog
Today marks the start of our collaboration with Max Employment to provide more jobs training and employment services to disadvantaged young people across Australia.


The new services called jobactive means an expansion to 23 sites, which include communities where youth unemployment is at some of the highest levels in the country.

We are now offering our specialised youth employment services into Sydney’s south west, the Hunter Region in New South Wales, South East Queensland’s Somerset region, northern Hobart, central and north western Tasmania, south east Brisbane and Sydney’s greater west.

Our training and employment programs are about making a real difference and giving participants both strong employability and life skills and that vital extra support into their first jobs.
Our mission requires us to be willing to embrace change, be confident in its delivery and above all focus on achieving the very best that we can for those who turn to us. Tracy Adams, BoysTown CEO.
This is an exciting development that allows us to pursue our goal of supporting disadvantaged youth with a strong emphasis on future employability and life skills.

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