Ongoing counselling on the increase

By: yourtown 05 Mar 2015 Kids Helpline

Demand for ongoing counselling support for children and young people increases every year. Our latest research reveals that ongoing counselling is now offered at 14 times the rate it was during 2003.


Young people who have benefited from ongoing counselling typically are experiencing complex and long-standing issues such as mental health concerns, suicide related concerns and family issues.

This type of counselling usually involves:

  • the young person speaking predominantly with one or two key counsellors, who become familiar with their concerns
  • linking the young person with face-to-face services
  • developing joint or wrap-around plans to manage a young person’s support

Ongoing counselling offers more intensive support and helps ensure numerous different needs can be considered and planned for.

I can safely say I'd trust either of my counsellors with my life. No matter what I know they will always be there for me. They genuinely care and want to help. They've believed in me when I'd long given up and seen potential in me beyond my wildest belief. I'm eternally grateful for the support and help Kids Helpline has provided to me. Erika, 16*

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*Name changed for privacy

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