Research shows that Love Bytes

By: yourtown 05 Nov 2013 Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline are exploring the complexities of teenage relationships with the "Love Bytes" research project.

The Love Bytes research is being performed in partnership with teams at Kids Helpline, Queensland University of Technology and the Young and Well Collaborative Research Centre.

The data insights are destined to guide the development of a smart phone app to help reduce the mental and psychological effects of a break-up.

Megan Price (Senior Researcher) is leading the project at Kids Helpline and collecting survey data from teenagers between 14 and 18 years. More than 450 young people have completed the online survey and steps are being taken to promote the survey and attract participants that represent the full spectrum of lifestyles.

The app would aim to help young people by providing strategies and skills to cope with the emotions of breaking up. - Megan Price, BoysTown.


Recent data shows partner relationships and dating as major reasons for young people contacting the Kids Helpline counselling service. More than one in five (of those who contact with break-up-related concerns) also reported engaging in self-harm and/or suicidal thoughts.

Know a teen struggling with the challenges of break-up or partner relationships? They can complete the survey on the Kids Helpline website.

Let us know your thoughts about this research being conducted by Kids Helpline. Comment below.


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