Samantha reaps rewards

By: yourtown 24 Nov 2014 BoysTown, Blog
Congratulations to Samantha Dougherty, a BoysTown client, who was honoured at the St Patrick's Technical College 2014 Graduation and Awards recently in Adelaide.


Samantha came to us because she was struggling at school and at home. She was one of the first recipients of the BoysTown and St Patrick's scholarship program which allowed her to return to study in a supported environment.

Samantha grasped this opportunity with both hands and was named School Captain in her first year at the technical college. She has now completed her South Australian Certificate of Education and graduated at the top of her class.

To cap it all off she was named Hair and Beauty – Apprentice of the Year and also won the Max Davids Award – Apprentice of the Year. This is the college’s highest honour which is judged against school-based apprentices in all trade categories.
Well done, Sam. You have risen above incredible adversity to be a light to others that they may follow your example. And what an example it is. Stephen Wales, BoysTown Regional Manager - SA

Samantha’s story is inspiring and proof that what we do can be truly life-changing.

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