Social justice – the way forward

By: yourtown 20 Feb 2015 BoysTown, Kids Helpline

Recognising the need to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion and unemployment, the United Nations celebrates 20 February annually as the World Day of Social Justice.


Since the very beginning, BoysTown’s mission has been one of social justice – even before we thought of our work in those terms.

We have always sought to promote employment, equality of opportunity, social wellbeing and justice.

Our programs are based on a holistic approach which enables young people to overcome personal barriers, identify and build on their strengths, improve their health and well-being, build confidence in their ability to learn, and make a successful transition to independent living, further education and training or work.

We’re proud that last year children, young people and families made more than 260,000 contacts with us for help.

We know that it is possible to change the fate of children, young people and families. We also know there is no quick fix. Time, patience and individual attention are critical. Tracy Adams, BoysTown CEO

At BoysTown we never give up. We persevere and stand by people as they change their lives and achieve their dreams.

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