That winning feeling

By: yourtown 06 Mar 2015 Prize Homes

It’s back! Today is Winners Day and our Prize Home draw was broadcast LIVE this morning.


There was excitement in the air as the winner was announced. Someone extremely fortunate from Western Australia will get the keys to our magnificent Maroochydore home or a fantastic Melbourne apartment. What a choice! Second prize went to the Northern Territory and third prize to a lucky Queenslander.

Congratulations to all our winners! Full details and results from other draws will be on our website later today.

Want to be the next millionaire? The current prize home in the Gold Coast hinterland offers unspoiled bushland and breathtaking views of magical city skylines, only 15 minutes from the beach.

BoysTown Prize Home Draw #445 closes Wednesday 15 April 2015 and will be drawn on Friday 17 April at the prize home.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets now and it could be you who gets a life changing phone call!

News about winners and updates on home choices are hot topics on our Prize Homes Facebook page.

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