The house that BoysTown built

By: yourtown 04 Feb 2014 Blog, BoysTown

In a town where youth unemployment exceeds 30 percent, eight young people have taken their first steps towards joining the workforce by building a home from the ground up.


The young men were part of an ambitious work enterprise project in Port Pirie, South Australia providing young, unemployed locals with paid work and valuable skills.

Our program gives the participants practical building and construction skills. It also provides them with enhanced numeracy and literacy skills to help improve their long-term employment opportunities.

The project broke ground in March under the supervision of a site manager and provided work for eight young locals.

Three of the participants have gone on to full-time employment in town, two more are working on BoysTown enterprises and three are now ready to work in the open market.

This approach benefits young people and the wider community by providing skilled and job-ready workers where they are most needed. Stephen Wales, BoysTown SA Regional Manager


The house was completed in December and was officially opened last week at 26 Pirie Street.

In more good news, the house was sold on the opening night.

Check out the story on Ten News!

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