The importance of giving

By: yourtown 29 Dec 2015 BoysTown, yourtown Organisation News

This inspiring story highlights what it means to receive a gift but more importantly, to know you are valued…


Throughout the year, BoysTown staff have generously donated raffle prizes and bought tickets in fundraisers. With the monies raised, Christmas presents were bought for young people accessing our services across all of our regions.

Young people like Nathan*.

Nathan’s story came to us recently from one of our sites...

“Nathan came into our office for his appointment. He walked in, looking dejected, and sat at the back of the office with his arms crossed and head down. When I asked how he was, he answered, "Alright. Same as usual - nothing ever changes". It broke my heart to see and hear.

He was then taken into the meeting room and given his Christmas gifts - he couldn't believe it! He pulled them towards himself and ripped the first one open! I laughed and said he was supposed to wait until Christmas. He just laughed.

He told me he hasn't had a Christmas since he was a kid and he can’t remember the last time he had any presents.

Nathan opened three of the four presents - he loved all of them. He said he'd keep one present to open on Christmas day.

Nathan came in that day with what he thought was nothing. He has now left with an appointment with a company that is behind him all the way, the knowledge that there are people who believe in him and some gifts especially for him."

We haven't changed his life today, but we've started to.

Every young person has the right to a brighter future.

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* Name changed for privacy

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