Things to look forward to in 2015

By: yourtown 05 Jan 2015 BoysTown, Blog
As we said a fond farewell to 2014, we paused for a moment to consider all the things we’re looking forward to in 2015.


Here, are just a few things our team is getting excited about…
  • Continuing to develop and modify our services and stand up for those most in need
  • Building on our new programs addressing issues such as mental health and alcohol abuse
  • Expanding our Kids Helpline service by creating closer connections with primary schools and using social media to reach out to teens
  • Launching our new Youth Engagement Program (YEP) for young people aged 14-18 years who are disengaged from school. Funded by BoysTown, this South East Queensland program reconnects young people with education or employment.
None of this work would be possible without our supporters, with 72% of our funding coming from the community.
This continued support makes all the difference in the lives of so many. On behalf of everyone at BoysTown, thank you. I hope 2015 is one of much happiness and prosperity for you all. Tracy Adams, BoysTown CEO.
We are grateful for the generosity of so many who enable us to assist children, young people and families needing our help.

Feeling motivated to do something extra for 2015? You can help right now by buying a ticket in the BoysTown Art Union or making a donation. It will make a difference.

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