Volunteers make a difference

By: yourtown 11 May 2015 BoysTown, Blog
This week is National Volunteer’s Week, a celebration of volunteers in Australia, and an opportunity to highlight their role in our community.


More than 100 generous and caring volunteers worked in projects across our services last year.

People like Bessie, an educational sociologist from Brisbane.

During the past three years, she has spent hundreds of hours working with young people in our programs. Bessie uses her professional skills to work with up to 14 students weekly on building self-esteem, encouraging goal-setting and conducting workshops. She is one of about 30 volunteers with our Youth Engagement Program (YEP).
I’m encouraging students to participate in life. I’m encouraging them to bloom. It feels good to continue to give back to the community. Bessie.
YEP, with the support of volunteers like Bessie, is helping about 400 young people from 35 high schools in South East Queensland.

We are so grateful for the time and expertise given by each of our wonderful volunteers. Amazing people, who raised their hands to mentor young people, develop their literacy and numeracy skills, facilitate group activities and provide a friendly ear or (at times) a shoulder to cry on.

Do you think that volunteers have the power to improve the world? Comment below.

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