We couldn’t be happier!

By: yourtown 24 Jun 2014 Prize Homes, Winners Stories

A $1.9 million BoysTown Prize Home win came at just the right time for NSW sheep farmer, Louis*.

People really do win!

Louis had been struggling for years to survive a drought and he didn’t know how much longer he’d be able to stay on his property.

Like most of our winners he couldn’t believe his luck when he got the call from BoysTown to tell him he’d won not one, but two luxury homes on the Gold Coast and in inner-city Melbourne.

“It really did come out of the blue. I’d always bought BoysTown tickets because I believe in the great charity work they do. I never thought I’d actually win the thing myself,” he said.

After much deliberation, Louis decided to rent both homes. His windfall means that he can now sleep at night, rather than constantly worry about money.

To be honest, I’ve been very tempted to move into the apartment at Bilinga on the Gold Coast many times. It is truly magnificent. I may still retire there in a few years after I finish farming. In the meantime, the apartment is a great source of security for my family. Louis


Louis continues to buy BoysTown Prize Home tickets because it is “such a wonderful cause”.

“I am proud to be one of the thousands of supporters over the years who have contributed to BoysTown."

Don’t forget to buy your tickets now and it could be you who gets a life changing phone call!

News about winners and updates on home choices are hot topics on our Prize Homes Facebook page. Seeing that others are enjoying the win makes it real. It’s like seeing proof that it can be won.

Tell us what you think? What would be the first thing you would do if you won?

*Name changed for privacy


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