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By: yourtown 12 Jan 2015 BoysTown, Blog
We have released our 2014 Annual Report and we’re proud to have helped so many children, young people and families last year.


We have supported children and young people contacting Kids Helpline, families experiencing homelessness or domestic violence, parents and carers contacting Parentline, through to disengaged young people who benefit from our employment services, enterprises or other training and support services.

Kids Helpline shared operational experiences with other child helplines in the Asia-Pacific to develop child services in the region. Our research into disaffected youth and employment was also shared internationally at a conference including over 75 countries.

We made policy submissions to Governments about cybersafety, Indigenous training and employment, mental health, social security and employment.

To find out more, take a look at our Annual Report.
BoysTown is the only organisation in Australia that connects with young people every minute of every day. Tracy Adams, BoysTown CEO.
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