Young job seekers rewarded

By: yourtown 06 May 2015 BoysTown, Blog
Congratulations to a group of young job seekers who received an ANZAC Day Award from Campbelltown City Council.


The group, in training at our western Sydney office, took part in the Adopt a Digger project, developed as part of Campbelltown’s recognition of their local military history.

They were asked to research one digger who served on the Western front, they chose Harold Edward Ashcroft Fowler. Over nine months they investigated Harold and his life story, what happened on the front line and the effects of WW1 on the Macarthur Region.

Their work culminated in a display, including PowerPoint presentation, booklet and posters, for the Campbelltown Council ANZAC 100 years Commemorative Day.
The young people involved talked to the crowds of people that attended the day. They spoke with great confidence and showed knowledge of their project. It was great to see. Mark Corry, Acting Manager - BoysTown Enterprises.
All of our training programs aim to inspire and support young people to make the transition to further education, training or work. Last year we helped almost 900 young people with accredited and non-accredited training.

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