A lot has changed in 60 years

Since 1961, yourtown has been tackling the issues impacting the lives of young people in Australia. Today, these include mental health and unemployment, and issues like domestic and family violence.

Over the past 60 years, things have evolved significantly. The services we deliver, the help we offer and the way we represent the voices of children and young people may have changed, but the energy, drive and innovation to create brighter futures remains a constant.

As we celebrate another milestone, our vision remains on the future and helping to empower young people across Australia.

"In a world of uncertainty, a resilient organisation will stay ahead of the curve and come out the other side stronger and ready for the next chapter."

- Tracy Adams, yourtown CEO

60 years of yourtown


BoysTown opens, holds first Car Lottery


Our First ever House Lottery is drawn


Official launch of Kids Helpline


Official launch of Parentline in QLD


Glugor House parenting program launches


Official launch of our Social Enterprises program


Parenting programs expanded; employment launched


Official opening of our Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) refuge


National expansion with offices in QLD, NSW, SA & WA


BoysTown officially becomes yourtown


Kids Helpline answers eight millionth call for help


yourtown celebrates 60 years!

60 years of changing lives

On 17 November 1961, BoysTown launched its first ever Art Union. Two shillings bought supporters a ticket to win one of four Holden EK Hydra-matics, valued at £1,000 each. 

The following years saw supporters have the opportunity to win a wide range of prizes – from sewing machines to horses. In 1982, the first ever Prize Home tickets were sold, starting a new era for our lotteries.

Art Unions have played an integral role for yourtown’s services, with the community’s ongoing support funding the creation of services, such as Kids Helpline, Parentline, training and employment services for young people, parent education and specialist accommodation.

Today, yourtown’s Art Unions are the primary source of income for many of our services. Not only do supporters help to create brighter futures for young people, they also have the chance to win one of 10 luxury Prize Homes and six prestige Car Draws every year.

It truly is a win-win.

"It can happen to anyone and we are living proof of that!"

Ever wonder what it was like to be a winner in the 1970's?

60 years of Art Unions

A slice of suburbia in 1982

Nearly 40 years later we're still changing people's lives. 

Off to the races

This 1989 Prize Home came with a horse!

Waterfront and beachfront

This 1990 First Prize included a house and an apartment.

60 years of luxury decor

This 1990 home boasted a genuine leather lounge suite.

Who's up for a game?

Pool tables were a popular feature of luxury homes in the 90s.

Life on acreage

This Sunshine Coast property featured its own tennis court.

A tough choice

This 1992 Art Union offered 18 acres of hinterland or a waterfront mansion.

Best of both worlds

In 1996 we branched out to tropical north Queensland.

The Gold Coast is a favourite

This 1996 property included a house, car and gold.

Celebrating 200 Art Unions

This milestone Draw included a house an an apartment. 

3 choices for 300

Our 300th Art Union offered a Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne package. 


First Prize in this 2009 Draw included 2 houses.

Stunning Sunshine Coast

Ocean views have always been a winner. 

Brochures, brochures, brochures

Before the internet, this was the only way to see photos of the prizes.

See what an Art Union looks like today

Check out our amazing Prize Draws!

60 years of creating brighter futures

“As a supporter of yourtown for 30 years, I am amazed at the superb work you do for young people. From my own experience, I appreciate only too well that many people just need a hand to stay on their feet and keep going. The support provided by yourtown builds the confidence, focus and determination young people need to deal with their difficulties and succeed in life. I have a special interest in yourtown, and will always support your organisation and help in any other practical way that I can. It is very satisfying to know that together we are helping hundreds of thousands of young people each year."

Gary Byron
yourtown supporter

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