Getting youth suicide on the table…

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We’re making sure the voice of children and young people is heard.


Recently, our team represented the voice of children and young people to national leaders in youth mental health and wellbeing.

The roundtable discussion was organised by Orygen: National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.  This event is a key component to consultations by Orygen, into issues relating to young people and mental ill-health.  We are proud to have been invited to present during the opening of the event.  Starting the conversation with strong insights and focusing on the importance of listening to the voice of young people.

Our team was represented by Samantha Batchelor (yourtown Senior Researcher) and John Dalgleish (yourtown Head of Research and Strategy).  Our insights were powerful and authentic because they come from yourtown’s unique and long standing experience with young people and our dedicated in-house research capabilities.

Youth suicide. Get serious.

In 2014, more young people aged between 15 and 24 in Australia died by suicide than any other cause, including motor vehicle accidents.  It’s simply unacceptable that so many young people believe there is no alternative, support or options for them.

We’re stepping up and sharing insights for the benefit of all. We strongly believe that the voice of young people deserves to be heard, especially when policies and national decisions are made for funding and frameworks.

That’s why we encouraged young people to participate (using social media via Kids Helpline – a service of yourtown) in our Suicide Research Survey – receiving over 470 responses.  Each response was more than a number. It was a young person who had been affected by suicide, attempted suicide or been supported to a positive life outcome. Each experience shared provided us with a unique depth of understanding.

When I first told my Mum I was depressed she said I was too young and that I was being stupid – Research Participant

Continuing the conversation

If we (Australia), are serious about real change to help young people struggling with suicide- we must take the time to understand their perspective. We must encourage them to speak, listen when they do and represent them effectively.

Our priority is young people. To protect and support them for their own wellbeing and the strength of Australia's future. - John Dalgleish, Head of Strategy & Research

We are continuing to contribute for a brighter future for all young people. That includes being involved with the planning of the Digital Mental Health Gateway Project, Tackling Long Term Youth Unemployment and responding to the senate inquiry on Harm to children through exposure to pornography on the internet. We are also a member of Suicide Prevention Australia, sharing research and supporting early-intervention initiatives.

Help us be the voice of young people

If you believe that young people matter and that they deserve to be well represented in policy and funding conversations. Show your support. One size does NOT fit all and young people matter.

About yourtown...

We’re a community funded organisation that’s taking on the challenges young people face including Mental Health, Unemployment, Family and Domestic Violence.  Get the latest news and updates on our Facebook page.

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