Would You Live, Rent or Sell Your $1.65 Million Prize Home?

By: yourtown 19 Oct 2018 Prize Draws, Prize Homes

Could you earn a living from your brand new Prize Home?

Our latest $1.65 million Prize Home Draw gives you the chance to choose between two enticing lifestyles: Gold Coast beachside or Sydney luxury. But the choices don’t end there if you Win!

Perhaps you’ll move into your new home, fall in love and never want to leave!

Or perhaps you will consider other exciting options, such as selling or renting your home out.

To help with your decision, here's a look at these stunning homes and their earning potential!

Life in your new Palm Beach home will be like a holiday all year round. Only metres from the beach, it’s the perfect place to head out for a swim and a day under the sun.

But if you’re not a sun-seeker you might wish to turn this home into a little earner instead.

Rent or Sell Palm Beach, Gold Coast

  • House value: $925,000
  • Demographics: Mostly maturing and established independence, and older couples & families.
  • Median house price: $800,000
  • Median rental price: $850 - $880 per week*

So, you could rent out this luxury beachside home and earn an estimated $45,760 each year!**

And with the $600,000 Gold included with this home, you might have to re-think if you'll ever work again. 

Or is Sydney luxury more your style?

Your brand new 2-level apartment in Kensington ensures lifestyle conveniences are right at your doorstep.

Located right in one of Sydney’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, you’re moments away from some of the city’s best cafes and restaurants.

And with a gym and pool in your building, and beautiful Centennial Park close by, getting active is a breeze.

But if the bustle of the city doesn't beckon, why not consider turning your Prize Home into a source of income?

Rent or Sell Kensington, Sydney

  • House value: $1,450,000
  • Demographics: Mostly maturing and established independence, and independent youth.
  • Median house price: $900,000
  • Median rental price: $900 - $1000 per week*

That's right, renting out this stylish Sydney apartment could earn you an estimated $52,000 each year!**

And with the $100,000 Gold included with this home, an easy life might be within your reach. 

So which is it..?

Live, rent or sell?

You don’t have to answer right away.

With all rates and fees covered for the first 12 months, you can take a little time to decide.

But for just $15, that choice could be yours!

This Draw is limited to just 400,000 tickets, so don’t miss your chance to WIN.

* Local area and median price info sourced from realestate.com.au, October 2018.

** Based on Rental Comparative Market Analysis.

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