What we do

yourtown takes the time to listen, understand and encourage young people to find their place.

We aim to be part of the solution by delivering services that tackle issues affecting the lives of children and young people. Our services include counselling, helplines, crisis care, education and training, employment, parenting help, mentoring, social development and life skills.

Create a brighter future today

No matter the problem - tough family life, no place to call home, couch surfing, feeling sad, feeling worried all the time, can’t seem to make friends, quit school, need a job, need skills to get a job, need parenting skills, need a safe place to escape family violence, don’t know where to turn - yourtown is here to help.

Learn more about our local and national programs below.

Support Children

Every child has the right to a brighter future. yourtown provides the resources and tools they need to achieve that through early intervention programs, access to all-hours support, and specialised creative therapies.

School Retention and Re-engagement


yourtown’s qualified specialists and trained mentors work with young people struggling in school, and many who’ve already left, to address their challenges in learning.