Thank You For Making 2017 Brighter

By: yourtown 20 Dec 2017 Kids Helpline, Young People Services, yourtown Organisation News

It's been another big year here at yourtown.

As 2017 comes to a close, we want to thank you for helping create brighter futures for young people.

Over the past year we've received close to 230,000 contacts from those reaching out for help.

Who we helped and how:

  • 193,122 supported by Counselling and Support
  • 14,813 supported by Family and Community services
  • 484 supported by Education and Engagement services
  • 18,916 supported by Job Training and Employment services
  • 340 supported by services specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • 229 supported by Accommodation services

Your support meant we could give young people choices, support and someone to listen.

Watch how you helped to create brighter futures in 2017:

In a world-first, KHL Circles was launched. The social networking platform for 13-25 year olds offers 24/7 group counselling for mental health issues.

Along with a KHL counsellor, young people are able to support others while also receiving support safely and confidentially.

Our education and engagement programs assist young people who are either struggling to stay in school, or who have already left.

"We provide these services because we know young people sometimes need to build up their confidence, they need to know that they can actually do a job, and they also need to know that they can be supported in a way that continues their development and growth," said yourtown CEO, Tracy Adams.

Donations as well as purchases through our Art Unions means continued support for young people in need. On behalf of all of us at yourtown, thank you!

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We’re a community funded organisation that tackles issues like youth unemployment and mental health, and take on issues like family and domestic violence. 


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