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Little Jack hoped Superman could keep his mum safe

But it wasn't Superman who came to their rescue. It was our Domestic Violence Refuge. 

We need your help to continue offering safety, healing and support to women and children escaping domestic violence.

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It was bedtime when five-year-old Jack* saw the bruises on his mum, Sally's arm. Sally had tried to hide them, but as she hugged her eldest son goodnight, her sleeve rolled up and there they were. Before she could dream up an explanation, Jack stated in a small but certain voice, “Daddy did this.”

That night in bed, Sally became aware that she was surrounded by Jack’s superhero figures. Her little boy had crept into her bedroom and arranged his toys around his mum, in hope that Superman might do what he could not: keep mum safe from dad that night.

In the end there was little that Sally could do to protect her children, and it was this realisation that finally led to her summoning the courage to reach out for help.

Our Domestic Violence Refuge is a place of peace and sanctuary where Sally and her children could begin to rebuild their lives.

But we rely on your support to continue helping women and children to find safety. 

* Names and images have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.



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