Help us answer more calls for help - like Molly's

What if a Kids Helpline counsellor hadn't answered?

Every day 375 children and young people reach out to Kids Helpline and are unable to get through. Your donation can make all the difference.

Right now about 50% of contacts to Kids Helpline go unanswered because of a lack of funds. Calls from young people like Molly…

“Without Kids Helpline I wouldn’t be here.”

With a racing heart, 13-year-old Molly picked up the phone and called Kids Helpline. For a moment she considered hanging up, but then a gentle voice greeted her.

That was seven years ago, but Molly can still remember that moment as if it were yesterday. It’s burned into her memory, because as Molly told us, "My decision to call Kids Helpline and the fact I got through, is the reason I’m here today."

But not every call to Kids Helpline gets through like Molly did.

Please donate today to help us employ more counsellors and answer more calls for help. 



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